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Our platform manages all your strategies, accounts and trading infrastructure in the cloud.

No need for desktop software, VPS or datafeed.

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Broker Connections, High Frequency Trading Strategies, Data History, Analysis, AI

Broker Connections

Secure and Easy-to-Use Broker Connection to your account handled by our network of hft servers


Pre-built, ready-to-use latency arbitrage strategies proven to generate huge profits with correct setup.


Effortlessly Manage and Organize Your Broker Accounts and Strategies in our cloud.

Hisotry Data

View and Analyse all Market Data, Trade Data, Strategy Signals and Trade Latencies, We store everything for you

Strategy Analysis

Analyse Strategy Profitability based on Previously Recieved Market Data from your fast and slow data feed before deploying to live market


Integrate our trading engines with your own infrastructure by using gRPC API with your developer client key and secret

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